News Director


“Summing up Bill Shory’s impact on the news business and on me personally is hard to put into one paragraph. He is a man who mentors young talent, who nurtures seasoned talent, who fights for ethics in journalism even if it goes against the mainstream opinion. He is a man who is smart, strong, passionate and kind. He truly cared about his employees in a way that went beyond news headlines. I have him to thank for my job, yes, but even more I have him to thank for laughing with us, crying with us and fighting for us.” –
Abby Ham, Morning Anchor, WBIR (via Mamapundit)

“Bill is more than a great news director, he is a natural leader who makes good organizations into great ones. I recommend him to any company that values integrity, excellent management skills, creativity and positive results.”John Lansing, Former President, Scripps Networks (via Facebook)

“I grew up as a reporter under Bill’s tutelage. He fought tirelessly for our team and our product. He taught me how to write stories that make people think and feel. Most importantly, he taught me to see stories as human beings, not the other way around.”  – Alison Abrahamsen, Reporter, KING (via LinkedIn)

“I will always be grateful that God allowed me to be under Bill Shory’s leadership at WBIR for the past 3 1/2 years. Bill, thanks for having faith in me and giving me a chance as a young intern and for all the opportunities you’ve given me since then… Thank you for teaching all of us at WBIR by example what it means to be a responsible, excellent journalist with integrity.” – Liz Overton, Executive Producer, WRCB (via Facebook)

“I’ve never had a conversation with Bill Shory that didn’t evolve into his pride in his newsroom and his dedication to his staff.   Bill has served as both boss and mentor to scores of young journalists.  I’ve spoken to many of them and have yet to encounter one who wasn’t left a better person and journalist because of his influence.” – Boyd Huppert, 7-time National Murrow Award-Winning Reporter, KARE (via Facebook) 

“In every journalist’s life, there are a select few people who shape the course of that journalist’s career. In my life, one of those people has been Bill Shory… Under his leadership, I was challenged, encouraged, educated and trained. Bill showed me what it meant to stay true to our industry’s ethical standards, even in the face of adversity. He pushed me to always dig deeper, work harder, and get better.” – Brittany Bailey, Morning Anchor, KREM (via Mamapundit)

“Bill took time to understand the issues that impact Knoxville, and that understanding helped him and his news department to consistently put out a great product. There are multiple cases where Bill’s insistence on producing a principled news showed Knoxville how great journalism can make a real difference in the life of a community.” – Robert Cathey, Principal, Cathey Communications (via LinkedIn)

“He pushed for what was right, asked tough questions when nobody wanted to face them, and challenged the status quo without fear. Bill encouraged reporters to dig for the real story but let the public judge the facts. And thankfully, Bill and WBIR’s support remained steadfast as the stories and responses developed. It was an honor to be a part of the team, and I am thankful for the incredible friendships that began at WBIR.  I consider Bill one of those friends who I treasure even more-so today.” – Kay Watson, Former WBIR Reporter/Anchor (via Mamapundit)

“I worked at another station in the market but later worked with him on projects in the community. I think he is the best news director to work in Knoxville in the 30 years I have been in the market.” – Lewis Cosby, former General Manager, WBXX (via LinkedIn)

“I had the honor of working with Bill at WBIR for nearly a decade while he was News Director.  Bill’s a great journalist, and he’s also one of the most honest and hard working people I’ve known in the news business.  One thing that always stuck out to me was his ability to do anything in the newsroom if necessary.  He wouldn’t ask someone to do something he wouldn’t or couldn’t do himself.”Mary Cates, Former Producer, WBIR (via email)

“I’ve not met or worked with any manager who ‘gets’ investigative work like Bill does, and why it’s one of the most important functions a news organization can possibly fulfill in the community. I couldn’t count on all my digits the number of employees I saw working harder and going that extra mile because Bill was their boss—because they knew how hard he was working at it, and saw that it must be pretty damned important.” Jacob Jost, Former Executive Producer of Online, WBIR (via Mamapundit)

“When Bill hired me, I had almost two decades of experience. And guess what? He taught me to be a better writer, a better journalist, and a better person. Bill Shory is a man of integrity and a great journalist.” Emily Stroud, Reporter, WBIR (via Mamapundit)

“Bill is a professional with a great ethical compass. His commitment and passion to get it right will serve his next employer well.” – John Griess, Former Chairman, Knox County Commission (via Mamapundit)

“Bill is a tremendous journalist, one of the best I have ever met. Bill’s news judgement is spot on; he gets what makes a compelling story and is relentless in the pursuit of truth. As a manger, Bill has great perspective on allocating resources in a way to ensure comprehensive, quality coverage. He is also willing to listen to feedback and recommendations on how to make news coverage better. As a person, Bill cares. He lived the brand of WBIR, actively participating in community events and enveloping himself in the community. Bill also cares about his staff, asking me about things in my life when it had nothing to do with the news cycle. I’m a better journalist because of Bill. I’m also a better person.” – Dan Farkas, Former Reporter, WBIR (via LinkedIn)